Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working at home from the Cloud has become a requirement and will also be the new normal in the near future.

KBA has several safe workplace solutions available for your company, on the basis of VPN and Cloud applications.

This applies both to the office environment and the home office.

KBA provides:

  • Installation and maintenance of the Operating System for Windows and Apple systems
  • Installation and setup of a properly functioning
    *Microsoft Office 2019,
    *Microsoft 365,
    *Microsoft Teams environment
    *Set-up Zoom environment
  • Setup mail server system
  • Installation security software/+tools
  • Access to applications from the Cloud (SAAS) or platform (PAAS)
  • Data availability services 
  • Back-up of files to the Cloud
  • Installation ‘Outlook Anywhere’ via ‘Hosted Exchange’ applications 
  • Setup and check of available disc space
  • Printer(s), scanner(s) installation and update services
  • Installation and maintenance of VOIP applications

A safe workplace for your company on the basis of VPN and Cloud

The best class in Secure customer service