Did you know that the Cloud is not so new at all? In fact the Cloud is as old as the Internet. It used to be necessary for companies to set up all systems at their respective business locations, but we currently have data centres at our disposal. Data centres are actually locations where multiple companies have stalled their systems. This is the big difference. The way they are operated is the same, but the location has changed.

By virtue of storage in the Cloud you no longer have the trouble of setting up and cooling down a physical server. Monthly expenses render the oversight much more attractive to managers with regard to budgeting. Moreover, by placing data and software in the Cloud, all data is available to anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” 

Security and back-up of data is and remains a point of attention

For this purpose it is recommended to draw up a security strategy/plan of your IT environment and convert it into a regular maintenance plan/contract. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working at home from the Cloud has become a requirement and will also be the new normal in the near future. KBA has various safe workplace solutions available for your company, on the basis of VPN and Cloud applications, either including or excluding Back-up of data. This applies both to the office environment and the home office.

On the basis of the operational maintenance plan/contract KBA ensures that all components in the network are checked on a regular basis and provided with the latest security updates and software.

Security and back-up of data is and remains a point of attention

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