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Team KBA - BOMS Business Web Solutions

Based on the partnership between KBA and BOMS, Web-based business solutions will be designed specifically for the customer.

Since 2003 BOMS has been designing customised websites for various branches. A website is more than an electronic business card, it is a sales and marketing  tool which makes a concrete contribution to your company. During our first introductory meeting with the customer KBA/BOMS (Business consultant and Web Designer) discuss the business objectives and the corresponding strategy of the customer and we translate it to the layout/structure and purpose of the website to be developed. Following this stage a first version of a functioning website is designed, which reflects the strategic business objectives of the customer. After a joint optimation process between KBA/BOMS and the customer the website is designed in more detail. In the final stage the definitive completion of the ‘production version’, guided introduction and follow-up care take place. Subsequently, on the basis of a maintenance contract the website is kept ‘up to date’.

KBA/BOMS handles the domain registration, contract maintenance, SSL-certificate and hosting.

Since the Website is a strategic part of the business operations, the hosting
‘up-time’ (the percentage that the website is accessible) is very important. For this purpose the helpdesk service and response time are essential. A good hosting partner can make the difference between a loading time of 1.2 seconds and 3 seconds. See for customer experience references.

An adequate and logical structure and ‘search engine optimation’ are very important. 

A fast website will have a higher ranking in Google and is a lot more user-friendly (fewer visitors leaving the website).

The Team KBA – BOMS Business Web Solutions are therefore a permanent part of the portfolio of services. 

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A website is more than an electronic business card

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