Managed Facilities Services

KBA is the service provider of ‘Network Solutions’ for  ‘Shared Work-Spaces’. We provide fully scalable and completely user-friendly ‘Plug-and-Play’ IT-environments for ‘Shared Service Office Centres’ with multiple users. 

Each shared office centre lessee or franchise organization will by default have its own separate network.

KBA provides the Internet- and Wi-Fi connections, UTP cables and – if applicable – the glass fibre cables.

The scalable workstations and secured connections are ready for use as soon as  the workstation is activated.

KBA provides for:

  • Installation and maintenance of the Operating System for Windows and Apple systems
  • Installation and setup of a properly functioning:
    • Microsoft Office 2019,
    • Microsoft 365,
    • Microsoft Teams environment
    • Zoom
  • Setup mail server system
  • Installation security software/+tools
  • Access to applications from the Cloud (SAAS) or platform (PAAS)
  • Data availability services
  • Back-up of files to the Cloud.
  • Installation ‘Outlook Anywhere’ via ‘Hosted Exchange’ applications.
  • Setup and checking of available disc space.
  • Printer(s) installation and update services
  • installation VOIP capabilities
  • Installation Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams Integration

IT environments for 'Shared Service Office Centres'

KBA verzorgt IT-omgevingen voor Shared Service Office Centers

Also the setup of Voice over IP, intercom and camera surveillance is possible.

This can be implemented for each office in the entire building as a whole, or in a phased manner on each floor or floor section.

In addition to the lessee’s or user’s own use of PC/ laptops within the ‘Plug-and-Play’network it is possible to provide additional hardware needed such as PC’s / ‘Docking Stations’, printers, fixed telephones ( purchase, rental or lease).

After design and implementation, we provide remote management and on-premise, if necessary. This may involve 24/7 helpdesk extension against special rates.

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