Internet Security & Camera Surveillance

In the field of security, KBA draws the following distinction:

  1. Security of data-, mail- and Internet traffic. For this purpose KBA makes use of the appropriate ‘high end’ security software and hardware available, which have proven to intercept as far as possible undesirable phenomena, including:
    • Spam
    • Viruses
    • Malware
    • Phishing messages

These security tools are updated very frequently (update versions) and therefore must be installed within the network in a timely manner in order to guarantee the secure functioning of the network.  

  1. Back-up of data, mail, images on physical hardware or in the Cloud is a necessity!
    KBA has several options for you and would like to advise you in this regard.
  2. Protected VPN applications by means of Zyxel hardware and VPN software.
  3. Physical security by means of a Geovision IP camera system on the basis of individual situations and user needs. By means of various types of IP-cameras recorded content can be played back from every location at any time. The visual content is recorded by means of Geovision software by a server and can be played back via standard Windows applications or the ‘dedicated Windows’ computer system intended for that purpose.
    This visual content can also be played back on a remote location and other locations on PC workstations, tablets and mobile phones via Internet connection. 

KBA protects your internet traffic and data

A back-up on physical hardware or in the Cloud is a necessity