KBA ready for the next years

Business objectives of customers are the starting point for KBA of the strategic roadmaps and the IT architecture and plus secure  IT infrastructure to be realised for that purpose.

The knowledge acquired and experience gained over 30 years enables us to quickly and effectively build the secure infrastructure needed to support the primary processes of our customers.

Shared Service Office/Business Centres

KBA provides fully scalable and user-friendly ‘plug –and-play’ IT environments for ‘Shared Service Office/Business Centres with multiple users. Each lessee or franchise organisation will by default have its own separate network. KBA ensures that the scalable workstations and secured connections are ready for use as soon as the workstation is activated. Other options are the installation of VoIP, intercom and camera surveillance. This can be implemented for the entire building as a single operation or in a phased manner.

KBA can also provide additional hardware needed, such as docking-stations, printers and fixed or DECT telephones. After design and implementation we provide remote management and on-premise management, if necessary. This may involve 24/7 helpdesk expansion at a special rate. KBA can handle it all!

KBA practicing top-class sport

Goedhart, Gamma, Karwei, Bouwcenter Goedhart, the government, Intermat and Amigo Plant are some of the major customers of KBA. Also Marjoland, one of the leading rose growers in Europe, has been using the services of KBA for 21 years. Quote Marjoland: “Compare Marjoland to a top player in the Champions League. Our business processes requires us to be available 365 days a year 24 hours a day. KBA is the reliable strategic IT Service Provider within our team. KBA perfectly fits within our 24/7 needs and easily keeps up with our innovative developments.

The best class in Secure customer service